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Paint jam

Vibrance is excited to launch the first of our Paint Jam in Bidencopes Lane. Our pilot event will be held on Sunday September 8th 9am–6pm.

The purpose of these events is to open up more walls in the lane to be painted that are usually inaccessible. We will be running a bar, and creating a space for people to hang about and relax whilst the painting is happening. If the program pilot is successful, these Paint Jams will be held regularly throughout the year.

Like the permission wall, artists will need to provide their own materials and do not need to provide designs ahead of time. Artists have complete creative freedom as long as the works adhere to the Community Guidelines (read the guidelines when you sign up for a permit).

We will also be offering discounted spray paint for purchase by artists participating on the day.

The location you paint in the lane is first in best dressed on the day, artists must register ahead of time. Artists will be able to paint from 9am–10pm.

Sign ups closed - we've received a great response and have reached the limit of how many permits can be issued for Sundays event. If you haven't got a permit but want to paint, still come along on the day and speak to us. If someone pulls out or arrives too late a spot may open up.